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Memorial Board Plaques

Yahrzeit Memorial Plaques afford those who have lost a loved one the opportunity to perpetuate their cherished memory. Each nameplate is inscribed with the name of the departed in English and Hebrew along with the English date of death and the Hebrew Yahrzeit month and day. At the side of each nameplate is a Memorial Light, which is lit each year on the Yahrzeit and for all Yizkor Services. There is no more fitting way to commemorate your loved ones memory than by inscribing their names on the synagogue Memorial Boards.

Plaques may be reserved, at the current price, for future use – in which case just give us your name and pay the fee and the plaque will be held. If you need time to get your information together for the plaque, just fill out the form as best you can, and the rest of the details can be given to the TBS office later.

Cost per plaque is $360.00

This is needed to properly determine the Hebrew yahrzeit date


Tue, July 16 2024 10 Tammuz 5784