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Converting to Judaism is an extraordinary journey- a process of study, experimentation, growth, and self-discovery unlike virtually any other experience. Choosing Judaism means taking yourself outside the mainstream of American culture and into a parallel universe, where time moves according to ancient cyclical rhythm, where familiar words have different meanings, where spirituality infuses daily life through blessings for every occasion.

Anita Diamant, “Choosing a Jewish Life”

The process of converting involves study and introspection. But more than remembering specific facts or accepting a set of beliefs is necessary. Judaism is meant to be lived day by day. Jewish values and beliefs are to be lived out through the performance of mitzvot (sacred deeds). By experimenting with Jewish rituals, attending Jewish ceremonies and regularly attending synagogue services, candidates for conversion can integrate Jewish practices into their lives begin to integrate themselves into a living Jewish community.

Mon, June 17 2024 11 Sivan 5784