Today is April 11, 2021 -

Temple Beth Shalom

Temple Beth Shalom, a modern, progressive, Conservative Jewish Congregation, strives to teach, challenge, support, and inspire our diverse synagogue family. A warm, caring, and welcoming environment nourishes our congregation as we face the challenges of today’s changing world.

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What Is Scrip?

and “Why should you buy it?”

Why isn’t EVERYONE participating?  IT’S JUST TOO SIMPLE!

Scrip is how you donate $$ to the Temple without spending any of your own.
You’re donating someone elses money!

Whether payday was yesterday or it’s still 13 days away,
you still have to Buy Groceries and Fill the Gas Tank

How does it work?
The Temple buys $200 of grocery scrip at a discounted price of $192.

You buy that same $200 of scrip from the Temple for $200.
You get THE WHOLE $200 of groceries at the local supermarket
(Stop N Shop, Acme, Key Food etc) and the temple made $8.00 that didn’t come from you.

Would you rather just write a check for $8.00 to the Temple every week??

If 125 families bought just $200 of grocery scrip each week, the Temple would benefit by over $50,000 each year.

This is found money.
Free money.

It’s your next dues increase!

It doesn’t come any easier than this.

It’s a no brainer!!

Scrip Order Form